1. Going on hour 13 of labor!

    at L&D and just got an epidural after 12 of the most painful and horrible hours of my life.. And it’s heavenly!

    I’m so ready to meet my boo boo!!

    Come on kayden!!!

  2. Well just got home from dinner

    Been contacting relatively painfully every 10 minutes but nothing more than that..

    I know I’m close.. Doctors appointment first thing tomorrow so hopefully my favorite midwife will have some good news for me!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. Going about an hour away from the hospital for dinner tonight

    Wellllll at 40+1 weeks I’m just gunna hope I don’t go into labor and then get stuck in Denver traffic lol

    So worth it for the free fancy dinner and getting my mind off of the fact that I don’t have my baby yet..

  4. *sigh*

  5. This is my “I cannot sit in the house on my due date and not go into labor anymore” dinner #rudys #bbq (at Rudy’s BBQ)

  6. pourmesome-moonshine honestly I’m not sure.. I’ve heard they will at 41 but you can delay until 42 if you want too.. I have an appointment on Monday and we’ll set an induction date then. I really want to go into labor naturally but I’m not sure how much more I can take so we’ll see!

  7. Welp it’s my due date 🎉

    Get this child out of me





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  8. therednecknamednick:




    Husband by his wife’s side as she goes through labor. No one ever thinks of the pain he goes through watching her suffer…

    ^ that comment..

    My husband was great during my labor. Rubbing my back, holding my hands, feeding me ice, holding my arm and helping me walk around, but I did feel sorry for him a few times during the ordeal. There was one moment in particular where I looked at him and just whispered ‘help me’ and he broke down because there was nothing else he could do. 

    Men might not be able to feel the physical pain of birth, but they certainly feel the emotional pain of it. Bless all SOs who help their partner through labor and delivery. 

    Thank you for this post!

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  9. My mom is buying me all the ingredients to make lactation cookies!

    super excited! :) 

  10. Seriously i’m so over it! I feel like he’s never ever coming out!! I’m going to be so depressed if I go over my due date.. it’s way harder emotionally then I thought it would be. I just want to meet my son and get my body back! pourmesome-moonshine

  11. 39.3 Ob appointment

    So I’m 1 cm dilated and 70% effaced..

    Better than last week so that’s good! The midwife I had today was alright, very “by the book” she tried to push me to have the flu shot and tdap even though she already knew I refused them weeks ago which isn’t a big deal just a little annoying and of course had to tell me that I’m over the recommended weight gain.. By 4 lbs😐 but whatever

    She swept my membranes and then charles and I took a walk when we got home. Now I’m pumping for 15 min on each side followed by dinner, another walk, sex, and more evening primrose oil.. Please baby boy please

    • me:   [whines loudly because im still pregnant]
  12. http://lifeofacrazymom.tumblr.com/post/98222801218/i-am-scaring-myself-with-google-i-was-looking


    I am scaring myself with google….

    I was looking up why my feet are always so swollen and hurt in the morning when I wake up and I read that its a sign of preeclampsia…

    My feet have been doing this every morning for at least a week. There have even been some nights the pain in my feet woke me up….

    I brought this up at my 38 week appointment because I hadn’t swollen at all until then and I was freaked out it meant pre e as well but my midwife said that most doctors and midwives don’t use swelling as a sign anymore (because it’s so common especially in the summer/fall) unless it’s combined with high blood pressure and extreme headaches that don’t go away with Tylenol and happen really frequently! I wouldn’t worry as long as they don’t say anything but if it’s been a while since they took your blood pressure there’s no harm in going and getting checked out! They can look for protein in your urine just to be super sure too! Just my experience but hopefully it helps a little!

  13. Everyone say a little prayer I don’t go into labor while post is on lockdown!

    Regardless of the details of what is or isn’t happening right now going into labor when mp’s are telling everyone to stay inside and away from windows is not in my birth plan!