1. I’m officially due next month!

    ahhh omg! So excited!

    8 weeks left!

    Happy august everyone :)

  2. I'm so glad I had a girl because I didn't even want to think about getting a son circumcised.. But now that I've had baby fever, I've been thinking about the possibility of having a boy in the future and being faced with that decision and pressure from our families. I wouldn't ever want to put my infant child through pain like that - and the only real reason (I feel) for getting it done is for aesthetics. Stressful to think about man.


    It can be. My take on it is if I have a boy, it’s kind of not my right to make the decision to remove a part of his body without his consent. Takes a lot of the guess-work and debate out of it.

    There’s a lot of emerging evidence that supports leaving them intact; foreskins are fused to the glans at birth and as long as you don’t fuck with them they’re not any more inclined to infection in most cases than a circumcised penis. They retract on their own after a few years and then you have to go over the mechanics of how to properly clean underneath and stuff but until then you only clean what you can see. Retracting them early leaves behind essentially an open wound underneath, where bacteria get in and then multiply in the dark and the moist and cause major problems. 

    Circumcisions can get infected pretty easily because it’s an open surgical wound in a dirty diaper; if you do decide on circumcising it’s majorly importante to keep that shit covered with gauze and clean.

    Pretty much the only MEDICAL reason for circumcision is if a foreskin is too tight, which does happen but is rare and usually doesn’t emerge as a problem until much later on. 

    In the end it’s up to the parents, and I’m not really passing judgment one way or the other, but for me it’s a no-brainer; not my body, not my penis, not my decision.

  3. 7 Perks of Getting Married Young


    I didn’t write this, but I’m posting it because I’m really really tired of everyone and their negative ass posts about how those of us who got married young are lesser than them because they are “still enjoying their life” as if us getting married somehow sucks the happiness out of us and we…

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  4. What I Gave Up The Day I Got Married

    This is incredibly sweet but the comments at the bottom are really what got me! 

  5. But breasts ARE sexual organs? They release oxytocin when stimulated, that makes them sexual.



    ive had to deal w this argument before ok listen here

    boobs do the oxytocin thing when theyre stimulated yes, nipples are an erogenous zone. Men’s nipples do this too. Now read over those two sentences and let the double standard dawn on you okay? Think about it if both kinds of nips release oxytocin when you do the touch touch on them, why is only one kind of nip considered a sexual nip? sexism that’s why

    it’s ridiculous and technically makes a dude’s nipples more inappropriate than a lady’s nipples because boy nipples serve virtually no other purpose than to be stimulated by temperature change or by sexual activity, while girl nipples serve the added purpose of oh you know, feeding babies no big deal

    but nah man nah both can be aroused so both nips are sexual or no nips are so make up your mind

    you know where else is an erogenous zone?? ears. Are you wearing an ear bra/?? Why the fuck arent you wearing your fucking ear bra you trash put on yoourfucking ear bra youre not allowed to show your fucking ears thats so inappropriate and its makinng me horny its distracting me from my school work youre not following the dresscode wear your fucking ear bra yo ufucking


    Oxytocin is a BONDING hormone that makes females feel warm and fuzzy and loving.

    Now why could that be?


    You know, those small, underdeveloped and helpless little beings that, lacking our tender mercies, would basically be a fucking canapé for anything with teeth?!

    The reason stimulation of the nipples produces oxytocin is because we’re bonding with our fucking infants, not so you can dingle your dongle at the boobies.

    Fuck, the world does not revolve around your dick, godDAMN.

  6. Lol handfulofposeys Me too! I’m probably way to invested at 8 am but whatever.. No shame!

  7. Hulu plus has after the final rose but not the finale of the bachelorette up

    Whyyyyy are they doing this to me????????? 😤😤😢😢

  8. I hate it when ob appointments are pointless

    There was absolutely no reason for that appointment I was there for maybe 5 minutes Hmphhh

    Well at my next appointment I get to see my little boo boo so I’m looking forward to that! And I got in with my most favorite midwife!!

    The one I had today was not the best not the worst I hope she doesn’t deliver me though she was kind of cold and uncaring.. Ah well it’s all up to fate I guess

  9. ice-cream-and-cigarettes:



    pumpkin spice candles soon

    pumpkin lattes soon

    pumpkin everything



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    human puppy

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  10. 31 Week Pregnancy Update:

    Due date? September 27th 

    How far along? 31 weeks exactly!

    Dilation/Effacement? none yet 

    New Symptoms? getting off the couch is becoming harder and harder lol plus I’m starting to have more and more BH contractions 

    Our baby in fruit/vegetable terms? romaine lettuce lol

    Weight gained? 30 ish 
    Next doctors appointment? Monday!
    Maternity clothes? all i wear is black leggings and some sort of top lol
    Sleeping? bleh.. not great at all
    Stretch marks? nope not yet!
    Embarrassing pregnant moment? anything and everything at this point lol I’m just one big ball of embarrassment 

    Baby purchases this week? liners for the drop in nurser bottles and extra crib sheet and some ridiculously cute pacifiers 
    Gender? boy <3
    Any movement this week? alllllllll dayyyyy longgggg
    Food cravings? Sugar.. 
    Food aversions? Nope not really
    How’s mama? Good but getting antsy! I WANT TO MEET MY SON
    What I’m looking forward to? my last baby shower!